Do I have to offer health and physical education to all students?

Yes, according to the implementation of the BEP, the Healthful Living Standard Course of Study, and G.S. 115C-81 (e1), healthful living should be offered to all students K-high school.

How much physical activity should K-8 students receive?

State Board Policy, HRS-E-000 states that appropriate amounts of recess and physical activity shall be provided for students. Physical activity required by this policy must involve physical exertion of at least a moderate intensity level and last for a duration sufficient to provide a significant health benefit to students. Structured recess and other physical activity may not be taken away as a form of punishment.

Can you obtain a waiver for healthful living by participating in a varsity sport, dance, ROTC, or marching band?

The North Carolina graduation requirement of 1.0 Healthful Living credits may not be waived. Participation in varsity or junior varsity sports, ROTC, dance, and band or any other subject area cannot be substituted for the Healthful Living requirement because these courses do not address all of the goals and objectives of the NC Healthful Living Standard Course of Study.

How many minutes should be spent in health and physical education?

Just as in other content areas, the State does not mandate any specific time for the Standard Course of Study in grades K-8. It is recommended that daily physical education should be the maximum and 3 days per week should be the minimum amount of time for physical education. The health education portion of the Standard Course of Study was developed based on the assumption that approximately 2 and ½ hours per week would be available in grades K-8. For the high school level, 150 instructional hours in health and physical education are required for a student to graduate from high school in North Carolina. Time should be equally divided between the two content areas in order to meet this graduation requirement.

Who can teach health education?

Teachers of health education must hold a health education teaching license (NC Teaching License 025, 094, 097 or 098).

Who can teach physical education?

Teachers of physical education must hold a physical education teacher license (NC Teaching License 090 or 094).

At what grade level does sexuality education begin?

The NC Standard Course of Study for Healthful Living Education has objectives for growth and development or puberty education beginning at the fourth grade level and Reproductive Health and Safety family life education beginning at the 7th grade level, which continues through high school.