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2009 Healthy Youth Act (House Bill 88)

Professional Development

Decisions related to professional growth or professional development are individual decisions. The resources provided are informational. Some considerations when selecting professional development or professional growth opportunities may include:

  1. Have you collaborated with your K – HS Healthful Living Professional Learning Community (comprised of lead elementary Healthful Living teachers, middle school Healthful Living teachers, high school Healthful Living teachers and Directors of Curriculum) to identify professional development needs?

  2. Does the professional development training or course have a syllabus outlining the specific training modules?

  3. Does the professional development training or course emphasize best practices in Healthful Living Education curriculum, instruction and assessment?

  4. Does the professional development training or course allow for application of the learned concepts or strategies within a public school classroom setting?

  5. Does the professional development training or course provide opportunities to reflect upon existing school district and school site policies?

  6. Does the professional development training or course, rely on sound research within the specific topic area they are presenting?

  7. Do the trainers or instructors of the professional development session you are considering: have experience (within the past 5 years) as a Healthful Living Education classroom teacher, expertise within the field of school healthful living education pedagogy, or expertise in one or more healthful living education topic areas?

Scientifically Research-Based Instructional Materials

"Under the 2009 Healthy Youth Act, local school boards assure that information presented in instruction is free of subjective bias, is based upon studies published in peer reviewed professional journals and is generally accepted by sexual health education professionals . Whether choosing commercially developed instructional support materials or developing teacher-generated instructional materials, consider how they reflect best practices in the field of K – 12 School Health Education such as those outlined by the National Health Education Standard’s Characteristics for Effective Health Education Curricula, the Division of Adolescent and School Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the American School Health Association.


Some resources to help identify research-based materials include:

The Division of Adolescent and School Health at CDC

Criteria to Assist with Instructional Material Selection

Reproductive Health and Safety Health Education
(pdf, 39kb)

General Health Education
(pdf, 39kb)



Best Practices