Incorporating Writing into the Content Area Classroom

Does all writing have to end with a final, published work?

What are some writing assignments I can use with my students to prompt thinking or help my students show understanding in interesting ways?

How can I encourage my students to write?

What can I do if I have a student who is really apprehensive about writing?

What if I don't feel comfortable as a writer myself?

What kinds of support can I offer my ESL students when they write in my class?

My students don't think that they have to write in my content area.

How can I help them see the relevance of writing in my class?

How can I take the writing assignments that I already use in my discipline and make them more creative and exciting?

How can I model writing in my classroom?

What are some ways I can ask my student to share their work?

I have a full curriculum to teach -- how can I use writing to support, rather than replace, elements of my curriculum?

If informational writing is what is being assessed on the Grade 10 writing test, am I allowed to use other kinds of writing in my class?

Supporting Writers Through Conferencing

What are writing conferences?

What can I do to make my conferences effective?

What types of guiding questions can I use when conferencing with my students about their writing?

How can I fit writing conferences into my schedule?

What is peer conferencing and how does it work?

Developing Focus and Purpose in Writing

What are some strategies my students can use to generate ideas when they

don't know what they want to write?

My students often choose huge topics -- how can I help them limit their topics to something more manageable?

What are some of the purposes my students can have for writing assignments?

Organizing Writing

Is it necessary for my students to outline what they are going to write about?

How can I help my students with structure at the beginning and ending of a composition?

How can I help my students write effective conclusions?

How can I help my students write more coherently?

Using Support and Elaboration Effectively

How can I help my students expand on their ideas?

How can I help my students incorporate quoted materials effectively into their writing?

How do I deal with issues of plagiarism?

How can I help my students evaluate information sources for credibility and usefulness?

How can I help my students recognize and get rid of support and/or elaboration that does not move the writing toward the desired end?

Dealing with Issues of Style and Audience

How can I help my students become more aware of audience when writing?

How can I help my students make effective word choices in their writing?

What are the basic kinds of sentences I can encourage my students to use in their writing?

How can I help my students with their sentence structure?

Do I have to use the guide used in the field of English (MLA Handbook) for citations or can I teach students to use the guide for my discipline?

Focusing on Language Conventions

How can I help my students edit their writing before they turn it in?

Do I need to grade grammar in all student writing?

How do I deal with issues of spelling in student writing?