January 16, 2004

Pursuant to G.S. ยง116-11 (10a), The University of North Carolina through its President and the North Carolina Community College System through its President agree that the grade point average and class rank shall be calculated and reported on the standardized transcript for all NC public school students according to the following method:

  1. Grades in Standard high school courses as defined by DPI will continue to receive up to 4 quality points.

  2. Grades in Honors courses as defined by DPI will receive up to 5 quality points. We strongly support the review of the standards for honors courses as proposed by the State Department of Public Instruction.

  3. Grades in community college courses that have been approved for the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) will receive up to 5 quality points. This list includes courses that have been reviewed and approved for transfer by the Transfer Advisory Committee, but does not include any of the physical education courses, the three health courses (HEA 110, 112 and 120), and the following pre-major/elective courses: BUS 110, CHEM 115 and 115A, FRE 111 and 181, GER 111 and 181, LAT 111 and 181, PHS 110, SPA 111 and 181.

  4. Independent colleges and universities and UNC campuses may also have any of the CAA courses (lower division courses typically taught in the freshman or sophomore year of college) taught by their colleges receive quality points in the same way as provided in #3 for the community colleges. Each independent college and university and UNC campus may forward to DPI a list of general education courses and/or any pre-major or elective courses that match courses from the CAA course listing except for those course exceptions as noted in item #3.

  5. Grades in AP courses, IB courses, and upper division (junior and senior level) college courses may receive up to 6 quality points.

Implementation of this agreement will commence with the incoming 9th and 10th grade classes in Fall 2004. Current 11th and 12th grade students in Fall 2004 will continue under the original weighted grade agreement that is currently in place.

Comparability studies will be conducted by UNC and NCCCS faculty no less than every five years at the request of either of the chief academic officers of UNC or NCCCS. Only courses accepted in the CAA (except as noted in item #3) will be eligible for awarding of additional quality points.

A review and study of the policies and impact of the new weighting system will be conducted following the fourth year of implementation. Results of the study and any recommendations will be presented to the Education Cabinet by December 31 of the following academic year.


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Molly Corbett Broad, President  H. Martin Lancaster, President

The University of North Carolina  North Carolina Community College System

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