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The No Child Left Behind Act requires that all students, including those with the most significant cognitive disabilities, have access to the standard course of study at grade level. This document provides entry point extensions so that all students can have meaningful and functional access to grade level standards. This reference document should be used to develop goals, activities and materials for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.

ELA K-5 with Draft Demonstrators 06-17-08
(pdf, 0kb | doc, 0kb)

Math 6-12 with Demonstrators 06-28-07
(pdf, 299kb | doc, 372kb)

Science K-5 with Demonstrators 06-28-07
(pdf, 326kb | doc, 447kb)

Math K-5 with Demonstrators 06-28-07
(pdf, 1.02mb | doc, 626kb)

Science 6-12 with Draft Demonstrators Updated 6-30-08
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ELA 6-12 with Draft Demonstrators 06-28-07
(pdf, 824kb | doc, 493kb)