Regional Lead Coordinator :: Michael Hickman

The NC Statewide System of Support of SSOs is an education support structure that operates through three interlocking roundtables. Each Roundtable has a different membership and serves a specific role in supporting all districts and schools in North Carolina.

The State Superintendent and her cabinet at the NCDPI serve as members of the Strategic Roundtable. This reviews statewide data, sets education priorities and goals, and determines the overall direction for the state's LEAs and schools in accordance with state statues and State Board of Education (SBE) Mission and Goals.

Division Directors at the NCDPI sit on the Agency Roundtable. This group makes sure services are appropriately targeted to LEAs and schools and directs the roll out of all state education initiatives.

Field-based and regionally assigned support personnel serving the eight SBE regions make up the membership of the Regional Roundtables. These members serve as the Department's point of contact for LEAs and schools, and they deliver direct services and support throughout the state.

In sum, each roundtable serves the following functions:

  • Strategic Roundtable: review data and set priorties;
  • Agency Roundtable: target service and roll out initiatives; and
  • Regional Roundtables: point of contact and delivery of services.

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