The sequence for The North Carolina Social Studies Standard Course of Studies defines in general terms the subject matter to be emphasized in social studies at each level. This general description is intended to guide local curriculum coordinators as they select specific content for each level and course. Within these general guidelines, teachers and curriculum coordinators have a good deal of flexibility as they select topics and areas of study for their students. The recommended organizational pattern is both sequential and developmental. The sequence is recommended in order to avoid overlapping content between grade levels, lack of instructional time for recommended topics, and needless duplication in the use of instructional materials.

Grade K - Self and Family/Families Around the World

Grade 1 - Neighborhoods and Communities Around the World

Grade 2 - Regional Studies: Local, State, US, and World

Grade 3 - Citizenship: People Who Make a Difference

Grade 4 - North Carolina Geography and History

Grade 5 - United States History, Canada, Mexico, and Central America

Grade 6 - South America and Europe

Grade 7 - Africa, Asia, and Australia

Grade 8 - North Carolina History and Geography

Grade 9 - 12 = World History, Civics and Economics, United States History, History and Social Science Electives