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Celebrating Memorial Day
K-12 instructional information on the meaning and significance of Memorial Day.
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Support Documents

Standard and Honors Civics and Economics (revised 2007)
(pdf, 707kb)

Standard and Honors U.S. History (revised 2007)
(pdf, 699kb)

Standard and Honors World History
(pdf, 141kb)

Internet Resource Guide for Grades 6-12 Social Studies, including Constitution Day
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Resources To Help The Civic Mission Of NC Schools: 16-Year-Olds Pre-Registering To Vote in NC

Personal Financial Literacy: Activities and Teaching Strategies for Secondary Social Studies

Personal Financial Literacy Training Presentation
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Let Your Vote be Heard in Congress
This website puts Democracy in Your Hands!

Students can actually participate and vote (free) on bills. You can even add your own comments with your vote. Then, e-VotingBooth provides the "election results" to every member of Congress and the President before the Final Bill Vote in Congress. Students will have an opportunity to examine the issues and express their views. Teachers can provide lessons for students with historical context and relevant applications that align with civics and national history standards.

Teachers and students can locate Congressional Bills from the Library of Congress at the THOMAS website THOMAS was launched in January of 1995, at the inception of the 104th Congress. The leadership of the 104th Congress directed the Library of Congress to make federal legislative information freely available to the public.

Presentation Delivered at the 2009 NC Social Studies Conference - How to Make Using 21st Century Technology Meaningful and Effective in Social Studies Instuction and Learning
Which free Web 2.0 tools best facilitate classroom-based instruction, assessment and interactive feedback in social studies using student technology literacy? Learn about the pedagogy of interaction that Web 2.0 tools can provide and review the advantages/disadvantages of using wikis, blogs and moviemaker. Teachers who have been participating in our Intergrating Technology Into The Social Studies Classroom will share practical skills and lessons on incorporating multi media into the social studies classroom. The main areas of focus will be the use of digital presentations, wikis, blogs, and podcasting with video, sound and animation.

Integrating Technology Mini Camp Presentation
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