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Table of Contents:

  • Acknowledgements
    (pdf, 383kb)
  • Foreword
    (pdf, 54kb)
  • Technology and the Teacher - Redefining Roles
    (pdf, 394kb)
  • Teacher Tips
    (pdf, 1.09mb)
    • Accessing Authentic Oral and Written Texts
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • A Teacher's Tips for Using the Computer Without a Lot of Hassle
    • Tips and Criteria for Selecting and Evaluating Audiovisual Materials, Computer Software, CD-ROMs, and Web Sites
  • Sample Lessons
    (pdf, 143kb)
    • Traditional Technologies
      (pdf, 1.76mb)
      • Narrative (Films, Audio and Video Cassettes, Language Labs)
      • Films and Videotapes Sample Lessons
        • How to View a Videotape
        • Videotaping Your Surroundings
        • Who, What, With Whom, Why, Where, When
        • Film Viewing and Writing Activity
        • You're on the Air!
        • Buyer Beware!
        • What in the World?
        • Once Upon a Time
        • Meet the Author
        • Illustrating a Grammar Point
        • Mythology at the Movies: Caveat Spectator
        • Ben Hur Cinquain
      • Audiocassettes Sample Lessons
        • Moving With the Animals
        • Cloze Activities
        • Telephone Messages
    • Tool Software
      (pdf, 3.03mb)
      • Narrative (Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, Databases, Spreadsheets)
      • Word Processing Sample Lessons
        • Kidding Around with Kidworks 2
        • Report and Book Writing in the SL Classroom
        • Meet Our Class!
        • Special Request
        • Animals
        • Writing With Spanish Symbols
        • Writing in the Target Language
        • Language Expansion Activity
        • Flags of Target Countries
        • International Keyboarding Skills
      • Desktop Publishing Sample Lessons
        • Picture It
        • Greeting Cards
        • Right off the Press
        • Latin Advertisements
      • Databases Sample Lessons
        • U Are Unique
        • Class Survey
        • Where in the World Is This Language Spoken?
        • Mmm! Good!
        • South and Central American Countries
      • Spreadsheets Sample Lessons
        • Measuring Heat Energy
        • Class Picnic Budget
        • Vocabulary Review/Deductive Reasoning
    • Telecommunication
      (pdf, 3.17mb)
      • Narrative (Internet - WWW, E-mail, CU SeeMe, Distance Learning Programs, TV Programs)
      • WWW Sample Lessons
        • Letter Writing and Reading
        • Turning Pennies Into "Pfennigs"
        • Wie Soll Das Wetter Sein?
        • "Site" Seeing
        • Using Self-Correcting Interactive Online Feedback
        • Roman Cuisine
        • Exploring Latin on the Web
        • Spanish on the 'Net
        • Spanish Speaking Countries
        • El Gobierno de España
        • A Trip to Pamplona for Sanfermines
        • Spanish Art
        • La Comida Hispanica
      • E-mail Sample Lessons
        • Me and My Community
        • Internet Use and Pen Pals
        • Individual Pen Pals
        • Un Echange Electronique Franco-Américain
        • Culture
    • Multimedia Software
      (pdf, 2.63mb)
      • Narrative (KidPix, CD-ROMs, HyperStudio, PowerPoint, Digital Chisel, Laserdiscs, Videos and Digital Cameras
      • CD-ROMs Sample Lessons
        • Rosetta Stone
        • Time
        • Art of Latin America
        • Music of Latin America
        • Spanish is Spoken Here
        • Let's Count!
        • Laughing and Playing with Living Books
      • HyperStudio/Digital Chisel Sample Lessons
        • What is the Weather Like?
        • All About Me
        • HyperStudio Project: Literature
        • Culture Mini-Lessons
        • Civilization and Culture
        • North Carolina, My State
        • HyperStudio Project: Spain
        • Country Project
      • PowerPoint Sample Lessons
        • How to Do Something
        • Victor Hugo
        • Unsere Ferien
        • Grammar Review Transparencies
  • Assessment
    (pdf, 319kb)
  • Resources
    (pdf, 1.24mb)
    • Language and Multimedia Labs
    • Technology Resources for Use in the Foreign Language Class
    • Miscellaneous Resources
    • Web Pages and Listserv Addresses
  • Glossary
    (pdf, 282kb)
  • Bibliography
    (pdf, 206kb)
  • Appendix
    (pdf, 1.55mb)
    • National Standards for Foreign Language Learning
    • NC Latin Goals, Standards (1998)
    • Computer and Technology Skills (1998)
    • Grade Level Strand Guide
    • Acceptable Use Policy Samples
    • Copyright Information
    • Electronic Citation Format
    • Downloading and Saving Graphics from the Internet
    • Diacritical Marks in the FL
    • Specialized Technology-related Vocabulary and Translations