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The Annual Data Inventory serves as the official record and master schedule of all recurring annual data reports required by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. It is intended to make the reporting of data a more manageable task for local school districts. A contact within the Department is included should questions arise concerning a particular report. The Department remains committed to the goal of improving the quality of data reporting while placing a minimal burden on school districts and schools. We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding ways to eliminate duplication, streamline forms, etc. and improve communications concerning data and collections. Please email Karl Pond, Enterprise Data Manager, Division of Data, Research and Federal Policy, at

2015-16 List of Required Submissions
(pdf, 152kb | xlsx, 35kb)

2014-15 List of Required Submissions
(pdf, 121kb | xls, 92kb)

2013-14 List of Required Submissions
(pdf, 98kb | xls, 98kb)

2012-13 List of Required Submissions
(pdf, 81kb | xls, 99kb)

2011-12 List of Required Submissions
(pdf, 41kb | xls, 97kb)

2010-11 List of Required Submissions
(pdf, 255kb | xls, 168kb)