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Contact information for this collection is managed at the district level. During Federal submission years, LEAs and Charters are required to verify and/or update Office of Civil Rights Coordinator contact information within the Educational Directory and Demographical Information Exchange (EDDIE) system. The Student Information Coordinator contact should be verified and updated also.

To access EDDIE or review instructions for updating EDDIE, please go to the following link:

The first notification to the LEAs and Charters from the NC DPI will be sent to Superintendents. This notification will include a request to update the EDDIE system within a specific period of time to allow the SEA OCR Coordinator ability to:

  • provide the OCR a list of contacts for the districts
  • communicate with the appropriate staff about the collection

Notifications from the SEA OCR Coordinator

Notifications sent from the SEA OCR Coordinator will target two staff members within the district whose contact information must be updated in EDDIE:

  • Office of Civil Rights Coordinator
  • Student Information Coordinator

The SEA OCR Coordinator will request the message is re-sent from the NC SIS and Office of Charter Schools distribution lists. Notifications should be distributed by the LEA OCR Coordinator to district and school staff working on the collection.

Notifications from the SEA OCR Coordinator will include information about:

  • updates to the PowerSchool CRDC Preview Report
  • deadlines for running the PowerSchool CRDC Preview Report
  • documentation updates
  • Webinar Events
  • state level data upload schedule and completion of the upload

Notifications from the OCR

In addition to communications from the SEA OCR Coordinator, designated staff may receive messages from the Federal CRDC Partner Support Center. Expect email from the following address:

Note: The OCR may send a message to the districts requesting that they update the ‘AWS’ (Advanced Website). These instructions may be disregarded, as the NC DPI will provide contact information and any new school openings directly to the OCR.

North Carolina Grads 360 CRDC Workgroup

The NC Grads 360 Workgroup is a new feature available to all North Carolina LEAs and Charter schools OCR Coordinators. The workgroup is an interactive, online platform that will allow members to communicate, collaborate and share resources related to the North Carolina CRDC collection process with each other.

This platform provides access to a discussion board, a collaborative file sharing workspace, a shared events calendar, a member directory, relevant publications and other resources.

LEA members will have the opportunity to reach out to their fellow North Carolina LEAs with:

  • North Carolina CRDC concerns
  • specific North Carolina CRDC knowledge to be shared
  • the desire to seek further understanding of North Carolina CRDC processes.

Members of the group can create or respond to discussions directly on the board or via email. All other members will receive notification.

Staff identified as OCR Coordinators and Student Information Coordinators in EDDIE will be provided a login to the workgroup.

Note: The NC Workgroup is not designed to answer technical questions that are best posed to the Federal CRDC Partner Support center.

Important: LEAs and Charters must adhere to all FERPA and HIPAA guidelines when participating in this workgroup.

Support from the NC DPI

Support for the CRDC by the NC DPI is limited to the PowerSchool CRDC reports, project timelines and questions about data. Report CRDC issues to the LEA PowerSchool Coordinator. The PowerSchool Coordinator can contact the Home Base Support Center at

From the “I need something fixed.” link, click “DPI IT Services”. Select the “Data, Research and Federal Policy Incident”.

Tickets will be escalated to the NC DPI State OCR Coordinator. Please provide any additional contact information for follow-up purposes.

Questions regarding OCR definitions, instructions and access to the Federal Submission tool should be directed to the Federal CRDC Partner Support Center.

Support from the Federal CRDC Partner Support Center

The Federal CRDC Partner Support Center is available to assist with OCR definitions, instructions and access to the Federal Submission tool.

CRDC Partner Support helpline (855) 255-6901 (9am-5pm ET)