2015-2016 KNOWN ISSUES


Scenario / Impact Action/ Resolve
CRDC School Level Screen - School not reporting as Magnet, Alternative or Special Education School *Resolved October 2016 Maint. Weekend
This data will come from the file EDDIE file that is synced nightly with PowerSchool. This data must be corrected in the EDDIE system.
CRDC Part 1- Grade levels report as No, impacting all calculations for both reports that are dependent on the grade.*Resolved October 27, 2016.
Manually update the CRDC EDDIE Grade Levels screen
For instructions, please review the ‘Verifying Previous Year Grade Levels’ section (page 27) of the ‘Preparing for the CRDC’, located:
CRDC Part 2 - If a student transferred within the year and was suspended at school A, suspensions are counted at school A and school B *Resolved October 2016 Maint. Weekend
CRDC Part 1 & 2 LEA Level - Approval button goes away. Message that says 'Cannot approve - New collection required after start date' ~Important~
No LEA should approve either report until all fixes are in place
Please report any issues to the Support Center
CRDC Part 1 & 2 LEA Level - Data does not display at the LEA level *Resolved October 2016 Maint. Weekend
Verify all schools in PowerSchool Instance have terms for the SY 2015-16 school year. For those schools that do not have terms, exclude them from the reporting using the school level CRDC screen