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DMG-2009-001-IN: DPI Data Source System Data Elements: Annual Review
The inventory of authoritative data elements that are maintained in their respective authoritative source system will be reviewed annually by the respective data manager.
(pdf, 15kb)

DMG-2009-002-IN: DPI Data Collection Management: Annual Schedule
By the end of January of each year, source system owners will publish an annual data collection schedule for the upcoming school year. The calendar will include all relevant availability, submission and reporting dates. These collection dates will be presented to the DMG for review prior to publication and kept current in thee Metadata Repository by the system owners.
(pdf, 15kb)

DMG-2009-003-IN: Coordinating Data Collections
Business units that are responsible for managing authoritative sources are responsible for proactively coordinating the timing of different data collections, resolving perceived conflicts between them, and referring proposed resolutions to the DMG for review and approval. When an issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the business units, it shall be referred to the DMG for resolution.
(pdf, 15kb)

DMG-2010-001-IN: Managed File Transfer Service: Recurring Data Transfers
All recurring data transfers will use the Managed File Transfer Service (MFTS) and adhere to the Data Flow and Request Approval Process.
(pdf, 26kb)

DMG-2012-001-IN: Policy Waiver Process
Source systems shall have six months to conform to the newest version of published MFTS files. Any waiver request past the sixth month grace period will be presented to the Enterprise Data Manager (EDM).
(pdf, 82kb)