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DMG-2008-001-DQ: Authoritative Data Elements
To maintain consistency throughout the entire state data reporting source system, each data element is required to have only one authoritative (primary) system source. The designated system is the only system allowed to report those data elements unless otherwise approved by the DMG.
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DMG-2008-002-DQ: Conducting Data Audits
The Director, Policy and Strategic Planning is authorized to and responsible for determining the acceptable level of data quality and conducting data auditing / data profiling of the data produced or collected by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) source systems. Annually, the Director will publish a data auditing / data profiling schedule for the DPI information technology systems. Each system will undergo an audit annually or as deemed necessary by the Director, Policy and Strategic Planning.
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DMG-2008-003-DQ: Data Audit/Data Profiling
Using the results of the data audits / data profiling, the Director, Policy and Strategic Planning will approve the corrective actions. System corrective action will be set by department priorities and the urgency for each source system based on business initiatives. If departmental resources are needed, the Director will prioritize those across source systems. The Director will provide data quality trend information to the Data Management Group and the Executive Steering Committee within six weeks of each audit's completion. (See policy on Frequency of Data Audits.)
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DMG-2008-004-DQ: Data Validation Process
No data under the purview of the DMG reported to the DPI will be accepted into the authoritative source system until it passes a data validation process.
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DMG-2008-005-DQ: Implementing the Data Validation Process

The authoritative source data business unit is responsible for and authorized to define, ensure the implementation, and enforce the validation process for the source system's inputs. This includes developing and implementing the process, and communication with the system users. For data under the purview of the DMG, the authoritative source data business unit validation details will be approved by the DMG. Upon approval, format, layout and validation methods for acceptance into the authoritative source system will be provided to the LEA and other data providers prior to policy enforcement. The authoritative source system data business unit is responsible for providing data validation details.
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DMG-2009-001-DQ: New Data Elements or Changes to Existing Data Elements

All additions of new data elements or changes / deletions of existing data elements to source systems must be reviewed and approved by the DMG. Consideration of additional data elements will rely on existing statutory, regulatory, policy requirements, and business requirements.
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DMG-2009-002-DQ: Metadata Repository

A Metadata Repository in alignment with the current version of the National Center for Education Statistics' Education Data Model (EDM) must be established and operated. Consideration of deviation from the EDM will rely on statutory, regulatory, or policy requirements.
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DMG-2009-003-DQ: Master Data Calendar
The office of Policy and Strategic Planning is responsible for creating and publishing a consolidated master calendar, detailing a schedule of data collection, and key points in time, pursuant to DMG-2009-002-IN. The calendar shall be published by the end of February of each year and updated as needed.
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DMG-2018-001-DQ: Vendor/LEA Process for Integration with DPI Systems, ODS and LDS
All integration with NCDPI statewide systems will adhere to the data standards and data integration set forth by the DMG.
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