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The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction recognizes the value of timely, accurate and reliable data for all stakeholders. The DMG has provided these resources for agency employees and members of the public wishing to find and use North Carolina education data.

DMG Presentation
(pdf, 131kb | ppt, 673kb)

Authoritative Source List
(pdf, 37kb)

Parent Request For Student Data Form
Submit form to Karl Pond, Enterprise Data Manager, 919.807.3241
(doc, 26kb)

FitnessGram Data
Although The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) provided student directory data to the IsPOD initiative through NCAAHPERD, it did not require the collection of this data or provide any guidance or monitoring of the FitnessGram data collection. As a result NCDPI will not endorse or release the FitnessGram data.