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Public School Employee Evaluation Instruments
Since 1985, North Carolina's public schools have utilized a statewide program for performance evaluation based on the principles of effective teaching for the evaluation of teachers, principals and assistant principals, central office staff, and superintendents.

Job Class Specifications for Non-certified Public School Personnel
(pdf, 553kb)

Job Description Reference Library
Position Descriptions Used in Some Local School Districts.

Postion Description Template
(doc, 40kb)


For NCLB purposes in public schools, a paraprofessional is a teacher assistant. Please contact the Human Resource or Personnel department of the LEA or school system for employment opportunities.

Qualifications for Paraprofessionals
Paraprofessionals employed after January 8, 2002 must fully meet the NCLB requirements before being employed in a Title I school-wide program or targeted assistance program.

Instructional and Implementation Guide
A paraprofessional may choose to meet employment criteria in schools supported with Title I funds by completing a State or local assessment.

Paraprofessional Flow Chart
(ppt, 38kb)
The Paraprofessional Flow chart was developed to accompany the Instructional and Implementation Guide. This information illustrates the written information and presents in visual form information to assist in implementing the assessment options.

NCLB Impact on Paraprofessional Employment
Presentation to the State Board of Education, March 2003.


Fitness for Duty Policy
(doc, 30kb)

Health Care Provider's Report
(doc, 33kb)

Employee Orientation
(pdf, 94kb)

Retirement Systems Update
(pdf, 2.8mb)

Retirement System Enrollment Procedure for New Members
(pdf, 31kb)

Preparing for an Unemployment Insurance Appeals Hearing
(pdf, 256kb)


HR Planning Calendar
(doc, 61kb)  LAST UPDATED: MAY 8, 2012