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In 2010 the North Carolina General Assembly appropriated thirteen million dollars ($11,000,000) to support programs and initiatives that targeted students at risk of dropping out of school. The purpose of the grant is to focus attention and resources on innovative programs and initiatives that promote keeping students in school when other conflicting factors are pushing them to drop out. Grants varied in amounts up to a maximum of one hundred seventy five thousand dollars ($175,000).

The grants funded innovative programs and initiatives that targeted students at risk of dropping out of school and demonstrated the potential to be developed into effective, sustainable, and coordinated dropout prevention and re-entry programs in middle schools and high schools. Grants were geographically distributed throughout the State and the eight educational regions.

2010 NC Committee on Dropout Prevention Members

The North Carolina General Assembly established the NC Committee on Dropout Prevention in order to determine which local school administrative units, schools, agencies, and nonprofits shall receive dropout prevention grants. The committee determines the amount of each grant and eligible uses of the grant funding. When utilizing outside grant reviewers and raters, the Committee is encouraged to utilize individuals who represent public schools, universities, and community-based organizations. The Committee is located administratively in the Department of Public Instruction but shall exercise its powers and duties independently of the Department of Public Instruction.


For a spreadsheet of all grant awards, please email your request to:

Grants Funded in 2007
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Grants Funded in 2008
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Grants Funded in 2009
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Grants Funded in 2010
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