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The AMTR remains open year-round. All AMTR data stewards at both the district and school level (including school principals) will need an NCID to log in.  For more information about NCID and to locate your district NCID Administrator, who will set up your log in, please visit  Information on how to subscribe to the AMTR was sent out to the Media and Technology Directors.  Follow the Registration Information link on the right for more details.

On June 30th of each year, data will be pulled down for the School Report Card. Please make sure by June 30th your data is accurate and ready for the School Report Card. Another download of data will be conducted January 31st of each year, this data is used to submit information to the federal government. 

The Annual Media and Technology Report (AMTR), a legislatively mandated instrument, provides data on school media and technology programs to school, district, and state level stakeholders. The information is based on the school and district level media and technology inventories on July 1 of each year. This report gives both the legislature and the public a yearly snapshot of the state of media and technology programs in North Carolina's schools.

Questions included in this report are based on the requirements in the North Carolina Educational Technology Plan and requests for data from agencies within the NCDPI and state government. Accuracy is essential as this data can affect fund allocations from state and federal agencies. Contact Cathy Mathews or Julian Nichols-Wilson for questions and clarifications.

Once collected and analyzed, this data is used by:

  • The federal and state governments
  • N.C. State Board of Education
  • Other divisions of the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI)
  • LEAs
  • The public

Frequently budgetary and resource allocation decisions are impacted by this data. The data may be used:

  • To determine eligibility for grant funding
  • To support the needs addressed in grant proposals
  • To evaluate and improve school media and technology programs

Data and reports generated from this data are disseminated:

  • At state and national conferences
  • In publications at the national, state and local levels
  • On NCDPI websites
  • As part of the ABC Report Card process

Data Entry:

While the completed report is due online by 7:30 AM, June 30th of each school year,Local School Districts (LEAs) will determine the date when each school must have their portions of this document completed. Most LEAs will set a date which insures that the data is entered and verified prior to school media and technology personnel leaving for their summer break. 

The information from this survey is used to complete each School's and each District's State Report Card.

The AMTR website will work with any browser, however, there are differences in the appearance depending on the browser you use.