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The purpose of these Professional Standards is to guide the curriculum development and instruction in North Carolina graduate programs in Information & Library Science and Instructional Technology. The Standards set expectations by describing what new graduates should know and be able to do. These Professional Standards are the foundation for the Evaluation Instrument for library media and technology educators.

School Library Media Coordinator Standards

Instructional Technology Facilitator Standards


  • The new Professional Standards use a format and elements that align closely with other recently revised NC professional educator standards.
  • The Professional Standards were written to correlate with other national and state standards and Guidelines including AASL, ISTE, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, ALA/AASL Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians, CCSSO's Model Core Teaching Standards, NBPTS, the 2011 NC State School Technology Plan, IMPACT Guidelines, and State Board of Education priorities and policies
  • The Professional Standards are not an evaluation instrument. The revised Professional Standards provide a foundation from which new evaluation instruments for Technology Facilitators and Library Media Coordinators were developed. Rubrics for new evaluation instruments were approved at the September 2012 SBE meeting and were utilized during the 2012-13 pilots.

Timeline: (updated January 2014)

April 2012 - ITF and SLMC Professional Standards adopted by SBE

Spring 2012 - Rubrics for Evaluation Instrument developed by committees

September 2012 - Rubrics for ITF and SLMC approved by SBE

Fall 2012 - New Evaluation Instruments piloted (utilizing rubrics)

Spring 2013 - Validation study to evaluate reliability of the new Instrument

August 2013 - Evaluation Instruments available for use

Fall 2013 - Professional development designed and delivered to state

December 2013 - Report on validation study presented to SBE