Mailing Address:
Department of Public Instruction,
6307 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-6307

Physical Address:
Department of Public Instruction,
301 N Wilmington Street,
Raleigh, NC 27601-2825

Additional Office of Early Learning Programs Mailing/Physical Addresses:
Early Learning Sensory Support Program for Children with Hearing Impairments
302 W. Market St., Rm. 407
Greensboro, NC 27401

Early Learning Sensory Support Program for Children with Visual Impairments
Governor Morehead School Campus
319 Ashe Avenue - Simpson Building
Raleigh, NC 27606


Tetreault, Dan Interim Director Cubicle 6107 919.807.3752 828.734.1007
Pruette, John Executive Director Room 619 919.807.3424 336.580.4929
Albaugh, Donna Consultant, District 8 Home Duty N/A 910.476.7218
Beattie, Erika Consultant, District 6 Home Duty N/A 704.575.9275
Cox, Shirley K-3 Administrative Assistant Cubicle 6109 919.807.3943 N/A
Dewey, Cynthia Consultant, District 5 Home Duty N/A 919.259.3950
Everett, Ruth Anne Director, Early Learning Sensory Support (HI) Home Duty N/A 828.781.4979
Farrington, Wendy IT Business Analyst Cubicle 6160 919.807.3852 N/A
Garrett, Carla Title I Preschool Consultant Home Duty N/A 336.504.2037
Germano, Darlene Consultant, District 3 Home Duty N/A 919.622.7350
Graham, Jami Consultant, District 4 Home Duty N/A 910.995.0517
Jackson, Stephen K-3 Project Coordinator Cubicle 6111 919.807.3632
James, Vivian Exceptional Children Preschool Coordinator Home Duty N/A 919.218.8384
Koon, Jody Early Childhood Education Consultant Cubicle 6162 919.807.3646 919.995.4841
Mayo, Bethany Director, Early Learning Sensory Support (HI) Home Duty N/A 252.969.0212
McKnight, Karen Director, Head Start Collaboration Cubicle 6188 919.807.3618
Sherard, Mia NC Field Associate, Teaching Strategies Cubicle 6163 919.807.3850 919.417.8193
Simmons, Leslie Consultant, District 2 Home Duty N/A 910.228.6420
Strickland, Melba Administrative Assistant, Director's Office Cubicle 6187 919.807.3946 N/A
Strickland, Melissa Consultant, District 1 Home Duty N/A 252.578.9452
Young, Nicki Consultant, District 7 Home Duty N/A 919.360.0220