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Administrative AssistantRuiz, Jan919.807.3946
Administrative AssistantSmith, Terry336.273.6462
Administrative AssistantWilson, Starla919.733.0533
DirectorGarvin, Khari919.807.3618
DirectorEverett, Ruth Anne828.432.5352
DirectorMayo, Bethany252.903.8595
Early Education ConsultantKoon, Jody919.807.3646
Executive DirectorPruette, John919.807.3424
Preschool Disabilities CoordinatorVacant, 919.807.3691
Preschool Exceptional Children 619 CoordinatorJames, Vivian919.218.8384
RTT-ELC Administrative AssistantKoltz, Kathleen919.807.3943
RTT-ELC Project AdministratorBagwell, Cindy 919.807.3710
RTT-ELC Project LeadTetreault, Dan828.734.1007
RTT-ELC Project Lead Scrinzi, Amy919.807.3854
Region 1, RTT-ELC ConsultantWoodall, Catherine919.818.5391
Region 2, RTT-ELC ConsultantSimmons, Leslie910.228.6420
Region 3, RTT-ELC ConsultantGermano, Darlene919.622.7350
Region 4, RTT-ELC ConsultantGraham, Jami910.995.0517
Region 5, RTT-ELC ConsultantDewey, Cindy 919.259.3950
Region 6, RTT-ELC ConsultantBeattie, Erika704.575.9275
Region 7, RTT-ELC ConsultantLounsbury, Karen919.438.3993
Region 8, RTT-ELC ConsultantCostello, Nancy919.275.0884
Title I Preschool ConsultantGarrett, Carla336.504.2037