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North Carolina has adopted professional standards for all educators.  The State Board of Education has also adopted the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning as the guide for designing and deploying professional learning across the state. 

Standards for Professional Learning
These standards were endorsed by the NC State Board of Education in October 2011.

Standards for Learning Quick Reference Guide
(pdf, 1.0mb)

Code of Ethics
(pdf, 36kb)

Standards for NC Superintendents, Central Office Administrators and Non-Instructional Staff
(pdf, 111kb)

Standards for NC Principals and Assistant Principals
(pdf, 3.7mb)  LAST UPDATED: APRIL 21, 2017

Standards for NC School Counselors
(pdf, 2.1mb)

Standards for NC School Social Workers
(pdf, 2.1mb)

Standards for NC School Psychologists
(pdf, 350kb)

Standards for NC Mentors
(pdf, 279kb)

Standards for NC School Library Media Coordinators
(pdf, 100kb)

Standards for NC Professional Technology Facilitators
(pdf, 68kb)

NC Professional Teaching Standards
(pdf, 4.7mb)  LAST UPDATED: APRIL 21, 2017

NC School Boards Association Standards
(pdf, 463kb)

North Carolina School-Based Occupational Therapist Standards-posted August 2013
(pdf, 96kb)  LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 6, 2013

North Carolina Professional School-Based Physical Therapy Standards-posted August 2013
(pdf, 153kb)  LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 6, 2013

North Carolina Professional School Nursing Standards-posted August 2013
(pdf, 129kb)  LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 6, 2013