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MODULES AT NC EDUCATION are available in Moodle and can be accessed by going to the NC Education site and creating a new user account or logging in with your existing username and password. You can then enroll in the module of interest. A phone number for the Help Desk is listed on the login page.

NC Professional Teaching Standards-Module
An in-depth look at the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. Standards One, Two, Three and Five will take approximately one hour to ninety minutes to complete. Standard Four will take two hours to complete because there are eight elements within standard four. The time to complete this entire module is approximated up to seven hours. However, it is up to the local districts and schools to determine how the module is to be completed.

NC Teacher Evaluation: Understanding the Process-Module
This module explores the steps of the North Carolina Educator Evaluation Process, including self-assessment, goal-setting, observations and conferencing, planning professional development, and summary evaluations. Please note that all documentation within the Educator Evaluation Process is completed in the online tool. At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, the online tool will be housed within Home Base. Although the online tool is changing, the North Carolina Educator Evaluation Process will remain consistent. This module should take approximately 5 hours to complete.


  • NC Teacher Evaluation Process Manual
    (pdf, 4.0mb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 26, 2015
  • Teacher Evaluation Process Graphic (revised May 2015) - This one page visual outlines the teacher evaluation process.
    (pdf, 623kb)
  • Minimum Observation Requirements
    (pdf, 585kb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 26, 2015
  • NCEES Evaluation Process
    (pdf, 577kb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 26, 2015

Individual Forms

  • Rubric for Evaluating NC Teachers
    (pdf, 522kb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 21, 2015

  • Record of Teacher Activities
    (pdf, 112kb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 21, 2015

  • Teacher Summary Rating Form
    (pdf, 366kb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 21, 2015

  • Teacher Summary Rating Form (optional)
    (pdf, 297kb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 21, 2015

  • Professional Development Plan-Fillable
    (pdf, 146kb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 21, 2015

Charts, FYI, and Other Helpful Information

  • NCEES Wiki
    The NCEES wiki has a page with archived presentations to support the evaluation process.

  • NCEES Wiki page for teachers
    Provides current and up to date resources to support teachers with the NCEES.

  • Resource Manual for Administrators and Principals Supervising and Evaluating Teachers of Young Children
    Supplementary Manual to Support the Evaluation of Teachers of Young Children, Specifically Pre-K, Kindergarten and Early Grades.
    (pdf, 4.2mb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 31, 2017

  • Tools for Moving Towards Coaching-Based Evaluations

  • 21st Century Skills Framework
    (pdf, 76kb)  LAST UPDATED: MAY 24, 2010

  • Professional Development Plans (PDPs) Flowchart
    (pdf, 234kb)