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As the State includes student growth in the NC Educator Evaluation System, it is critical that student-teacher data links are accurate. During each school year, the Department of Public Instruction will launch a roster verification process that ensures that teachers are accurately linked to the students they teach. Roster verification is simply a way for teachers to verify their class rosters and allow schools and teachers to indicate when there are multiple professionals sharing responsibility for a student’s instruction. 

The roster verification process can be accessed through the EVAAS website. Teachers, principals, and central office staff members will log in with the same user name and password that they use to access EVAAS. The login page has a user name and password recovery option for individuals who have forgotten their user names and/or passwords. 

Teachers with questions about the process should contact their building principals, and building administrators should contact their EVAAS district administrator at the central office. 

All documents pertaining to the roster verification process can be found on the EVAAS website. Please use the links and dates found in the gray boxes on the right side of the login page.