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The State Board of Education has approved a series of policies related to educator effectiveness.  These new policies align with the State Board of Education’s belief that every child in North Carolina deserves an effective teacher and school leader.

Statewide Evaluation Instruments for School Personnel:
North Carolina’s set of statewide evaluation instruments are based on performance standards for the various positions.  The State is one of the only in the country to have a robust statewide evaluation system.

State Board Policy TCP-C-004
The process for teacher evaluation, including the new abbreviated evaluation option

State Board Policy TCP-C-005
The process for assistant principal and principal evaluation

State Board Policy TCP-C-006
The standards and ratings used to evaluate teachers, assistant principals, and principals

State Board Policy TCP-C-014
The Code of Ethics for North Carolina Educators; adherence to the Code of Ethics is an important part of the evaluation instrument

State Board Policy TCP-C-020
The optional evaluation process for district superintendents

State Board Policy TCP-C-021
The optional evaluation process for central office staff members

Annual Evaluation:
In order to ensure that NC public schools have effective teachers and leaders, the State Board requires annual evaluation for teachers, assistant principals, and principals in North Carolina.

State Board Policy TCP-C-005
Annual evaluation for school administrators

State Board Policy TCP-C-022
Annual evaluation for teachers

Data Collection:
The State Board requires school districts to report the results of their teacher and administrator evaluations to the Department of Public Instruction.  The Department analyzes these data to guide the assistance it provides to local education agencies.  The Department also uses the data to meet federal reporting requirements on educator quality.

State Board Policy TCP-C-019
Requirement for data reporting

Assessments Used to Measure Growth:
The State Board requires the use of specific assessments and processes for measuring student growth for all areas of North Carolina's Standard Course of Study.

State Board Policy GCS-A-016
Requirements for measuring student growth