Page last updated: March 06, 2019

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Accreditation Community Sessions (ACS):

These community professional development sessions were created because of conversations and an identified need for partnerships and continuing development between and among Educator Preparation Programs. This program invites participation of anyone (e.g., EPP, LEA, SBE member, NCGA member, etc.) throughout the state of North Carolina who is interested to learn more about the topic area of focus for the session. This program is supported and organized by the State Representative of Accreditation housed within the NC Department of Public Instruction in collaboration with NC EPP stakeholders. The focus of each session is intended to inform accreditation requirements and needs for participating EPPs. The topics and discussions are not exclusive to our NC CAEP participating programs only as there is transferability to inform best practices and accountability requirements for our regional accreditation agency for higher education (SACS) as well as the state and federal regulations. Attendees may choose to bring small teams from their programs to facilitate an interactive workshop experience while engaged in sessions. Virtual attendance is offered as often as possible based on available technology support. Each session is designed to address hot topics, current needs, and areas of challenge that our NC Educator Preparation Programs are navigating. In addition to supporting meaningful continual improvement of our NC programs through the content of each session, they also provide a platform for strengthening our community partnerships and relationships in our state. Sessions are purposefully held at institutions around the state to grow our relationships and intentionally make these sessions as accessible as possible to all.

Sessions launched January, 2019, and are being scheduled throughout the year. Check back regularly for updates! Please direct any inquires to Dr. Theresa Coogan.

Save The Date for ACS Events being planned:

March 8, 2019 – Collaborative Clinical Partnerships with the Community
Collaborating with: Dr. Susan Wynn & Dr. Kristen Stephens, Duke University
Event location: Duke University

April 4, 2019 – GoReact Learning & Lunch:
An interactive video option for clinical experience training. Lunch will be complimentary sponsored by GoReact.
Event location: Fayetteville State University.