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Days Missed for Inclement Weather Survey
All LEAs are REQUIRED by Legislation to complete the Days Missed Survey for school year 2017-2018. LEAs ONLY (No charter schools), complete and submit the survey by June 22, 2018.
Survey link:
If you have questions about the survey, contact LaShon Creech at or 919.807.3727.


The CSADM Phase II Final Verification-Initial ADM submissions is required of all:

  • Current charter schools with 2017-18 school attendance,
  • New Charter schools approved by the State Board of Education to open July 1, 2018, and
  • The University of North Carolina (UNC) Laboratory schools approved by the NC General Assembly to open during the 2018-19 school year (7/1/2018 – 6/30/2019).

The Preliminary Phase II Review and Preparations document provides guidelines to assist with preparing for the CDADM Phase II submission.
(pdf, 1.04mb)


Estimated Average Daily Membership for Charter Schools
Potential transfer of students from LEAs 2018-19
(xlsx, 49kb) LAST UPDATED: MAY 11, 2018


Public School Budget Update 2018
(pdf, 1.5mb)


LEA Budget Planning 2018-19
(xlsx, 134kb)   UPDATED 04/20/18


Charter School Membership by LEA - Survey Results

  • Maps - Percentage of Public School Students in Membership at Charter Schools
    (pdf, 604kb)   UPDATED 04/24/18
  • 2017-18 Summary and Results by Region
    (pdf, 78kb)   UPDATED 04/23/18


HB90 - Program Enhancement Teachers FY 18-19 Projections
(pdf, 135kb)   POSTED 04/18/18

Summary HB090 Changes to Education Laws - Class size


Calculating Low Wealth Supplemental Funding
(xlsm, 1.28mb)   UPDATED 04/09/18


Summer Reading Camp Allotment 2017-18 for LEAs and Charter Schools
(pdf, 61kb)


Highlights of the NC Public School Budget 2018
(pdf, 1.5mb)


Comparison of Actual and Projected ADM to Allotted ADM 2018-19
(xlsx, 84kb)  POSTED 02/21/18


Reporting of Fraud and Misuse of Funds


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