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2018-19 Updates

ESEA Title I - School Improvement - Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI)
(pdf, 369kb)  POSTED 11/21/18

State Formulas
(pdf, 146kb)  UPDATED 11/21/18

Hurricane Florence Relief - School Nutrition Compensation
(pdf, 14kb)  POSTED 11/14/18

Innovative School District
(pdf, 20kb)  POSTED 11/14/18

ESEA Title I - School Improvement
(pdf, 11kb)  POSTED 09/10/18

General Information
(pdf, 59kb)  POSTED 08/09/18

Classroom Teachers (Program Enhancement Teachers)
(pdf, 81kb)  POSTED 06/14/18

Digital Learning Initiative (DLI) Grant
(pdf, 163kb)  POSTED 06/14/18


Allotment Policy Manual


Highlights of the NC Public School Budget
A report that presents charts and tables which describe how state and federal funds are distributed to North Carolina's Public Schools. It also reviews the growth in average daily membership (ADM), the ABC's Financial Flexibility, and the effect of Charter Schools.


CTE Fiscal Policy Guide
(pdf, 1.8mb)  POSTED 8/16/18