FY 2016-17 Budget Information

  • Comparison of the 2016-17 Proposed Budgets
    (xlsx, 85kb)   LAST UPDATED: MAY 23, 2016
  • House Budget Summary
    (pdf, 35kb)   LAST UPDATED: MAY 20, 2016
  • State Board Expansion Budget Considerations
    The final version of the Expansion items discussed in preparation of the State Board's recommendations for inclusion in the Governor's Budget.
    (xlsx, 5.3mb)   LAST UPDATED: MARCH 31, 2016
  • OSBM Priority Submission Final
    Summarizes the 6 Budget Priorities the State Board submitted for consideration for inclusion in the Governor's Budget.
    (xlsx, 16kb)   LAST UPDATED: MARCH 31, 2016
  • Continuation Summary
    Outlines changes from the original Budget build for FY 2016-17 (established in a reserve in the appropriated Budget) and the adjusted FY 2016-17 Budget based on ADM and other variable changes.
    (xlsx, 23kb)   LAST UPDATED: MARCH 31, 2016

FY 2015-16 Budget Information

  • House Bill 97
  • 15-16 Salary Schedules FAQ
    (pdf, 47kb)   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 30, 2015
  • Determining the Hold Harmless for Teachers - Examples
    (pdf, 83kb)   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 24, 2015
  • $750 Bonus Q&A
    (pdf, 96kb)   LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 5, 2015
  • Comparison of the 2015-16 Proposed Budgets
    (xls, 131kb)   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 21, 2015
  • Summary of Special Provisions & Money Report
    (pdf, 39kb)   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 21, 2015
  • Governor's Recommended Budget 2015-17
    (pdf, 21kb)  LAST UPDATED: MARCH 11, 2015
  • Letter to State Budget Office - Requested Expansion Budget Items
    (pdf, 272kb)  LAST UPDATED: NOVEMBER 17, 2014
  • Requested Expansion Budget Items
    (pdf, 27kb)  LAST UPDATED: NOVEMBER 17, 2014
  • Requested Expansion Budget Items - Additional Funding Needs
    (pdf, 116kb)  LAST UPDATED: APRIL 29, 2015
  • FY 2015-16 and FY 2016-17 Biennium Continuation Adjustments
    (pdf, 50kb)   LAST UPDATED: JUNE 26, 2015


Prior Years Budget Information


Highlights of the NC Public School Budget
A report that presents charts and tables which describe how state and federal funds are distributed to North Carolina's Public Schools. It also reviews the growth in average daily membership (ADM), the ABC's Financial Flexibility, and the effect of Charter Schools.


Trends: Growing Student Population, Fewer Dollars
(pdf, 232kb)   LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 20, 2015


Funding Changes since FY 2008-09
(pdf, 101kb)   UPDATED 9/26/14


Highlights of House Bill 200, Appropriations Act of 2011, Session Law 2011-145
(pdf, 48kb)   UPDATED 6/24/11


Negative Reserve / Reductions to LEAs and Charter Schools - See Allotments Support Documentation



Iran Divestment Act
Session Law 2015-118 places new contracting and compliance requirements effective February 26, 2016. This Act prohibits State agencies, local government units, and other political subdivisions of the State from contracting with individuals or companies on the Department of State Treasurer's Final Divestment List. The memo from the Local Government Commission provides more information on the implications. In addition, a blog on the NC Local Government Law and a FAQ provide additional information and guidance.


LEA Purchasing Flexibility, E-Procurement, and Senate Bill 620 - Key Questions and Answers


Prior Years Legislation & Policy



Clarification of State Sales Tax Refund Repeal 2005
(pdf, 15kb)

SBE Legislative Report

School Calendar

Office of State Budget and Management - Budget Summaries, Summary of Recommendations, Continuation Budgets

North Carolina Education Lottery (Where the Money Goes)
The State Lottery Act, in order to increase and maximize the available revenues for education purposes, prescribes guidelines as to how each lottery dollar will be spent.

General Assembly / NC Legislature

Financial and Business Services

Communication and Information Services


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