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FBS Summer Conference 2013

  • Medicaid Administrative Claiming
    (pdf, 442kb)
  • Budget Update and Special Provisions
    (pdf, 189kb)
  • Data, Research and Federal Policy
    (pdf, 1.90mb)
  • Race to the Top
    (pdf, 548kb)
  • HRMS (School Jobs) Update and Trends in Enterprise HR Apps
    (pdf, 2.81mb)
  • How To Optimize Your Processing of Foreign Nationals and Current Issues Update
    (pdf, 729kb)
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act: An Overview
    (pdf, 1.61mb)
  • New Finance Officers (Part I) - Federal Grants
    (pdf, 122kb)
  • New Finance Officers (Part II) - Financial Reporting, Salary, UERS, and Cash Management
    (pdf, 1.87mb)
  • The Cost of Workers' Compensation Benefits
    (pdf, 310kb)
  • HB 4 - UI Fund Solvency and Program Changes for Employers
    (pdf, 128kb)

NCASBO February 2013

Federal Information

Personnel Information

  • HRMS 2012
    (pdf, 467kb)
  • Retirement Benefits Overview - TSERS 2010
    (pdf, 270kb)
  • Benefits 101 - What Employees Should Know about Their Benefits and Employment 2007
    (pdf, 95kb)

Finance & Salary Information

  • UERS / Salary 2012
    (pdf, 467kb)
  • MFR Report Tips and Issues - NCASBO 2012
    (pdf, 591kb)
  • BAAS - Budget and Amendment Approval System - NCASBO 2012
    (pdf, 1.19mb)
  • UERS Financial Update 2011
    (pdf, 80kb)
  • Salary Administration Overview & Update - NCASBO 2011
    (pdf, 1018kb)
  • BUD for Beginners 2010
    (pdf, 1.04mb)
  • Update on School Construction & Planning Issues 2009
    (pdf, 435kb)
  • Cash Zero-Out Process 2008
    (pdf, 77kb)
  • Financial Reporting and LGC Updates 2008
    (pdf, 293kb)
  • Chart of Accounts & Salary Audit - New Personnel Administrators 2008
    (pdf, 145kb)
  • Allotments & Reporting - New Personnel Administrators 2008
    (pdf, 179kb)

Other Information

  • E-Rate 2012
    (pdf, 467kb)
  • School Support - Transportation and Construction 2010
    (pdf, 1.29mb)
  • UID Staff Update 2010
    (pdf, 62kb)
  • NCVPS: Strategic Decisions for Virtual Business in LEAs 2009
    (pdf, 897kb)
  • CEDARS: Common Education Data Analysis and Reporting System 2009
    (pdf, 198kb)