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DPI Allotment Reports Automated

DPI has automated the Allotment Revision Reports, so Charter Schools can download the reports as they currently do for month end reports. Review the allotment revision calendar. This calendar has the dates in bold when DPI will have the Allotment Reports available for downloading.

If you have any problems downloading your reports, please contact the DPI Service Desk at 919.807.4357 or email

Please see the instructions below on how to download, or view and print DPI reports.


Option 1 - DOWNLOAD DPI Reports

Run Instructions for DPI Reports

  1. Click the WS_FTP95 PRO icon or
  2. Click the Start button, select Run, and then enter the WS-FTP path.
    For example: C:\Program Files\WS_FTP\FTP95PRO.exe
    Below an example of the screen you will see if you click the start button.

  1. Click the down arrow on the Profile Name list box and locate DPI Reports.
  2. Click OK.

  1. Click the ASCII radio button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the report files from the Remote System list box. The allotment report is Altarp01.prn. If you are selecting from the history folder, the file will end in pxx where xx will be the allotment revision number. For example, Altarp01.p06 is the allotment report for allotment revision number 6.
  3. Click the arrow pointing to the left (Local System). This will copy the report file into the C:\DPI_reports directory.
  4. Click EXIT to end report transfer from the DPI when complete.

  1. Your reports are now available on your hard disk and can be accessed with any text processor, as they are ASCII files.


Option 2 - VIEW and PRINT DPI Reports

Once you access WS_FTP95PRO and reports appear in the Remote System list box you can view a report and print the report instead of downloading.

View Instructions for DPI Reports

Select the report from the Remote System list box. Once the report is highlighted, click the VIEW button. Report will appear in NOTEPAD.

Print Instructions for DPI Reports

To print report, select FILE on the report and then select print.*

*Note: Most reports print "Portrait." To change the orientation, select page setup. Change the orientation from "Portrait" to "Landscape."


September 2011