DPI netviews the month end reports, zero out reports and the MFR reports to the LEAs. The NetView instructions are shown below. Please note Step 4 in the instructions for printing additional copies.

If you have any problems printing your reports, please contact the DPI Service Desk at 919.807.4357 or email


Instructions for LEAs to Print DPI NetView Reports from AS/400

  1. Sign on as QSECOFR.

  2. Type the following command to start the S/36 environment:
    STRS36 (press enter)

  3. Type the following command to call the program:
  4. Call DPILIB98/DPIRPTS (press enter)

    Note: After pressing enter, no response will appear on the screen; however, the spool files for the reports will appear in the output queue for your system printer. They will have a status of save after they have printed.

  5. For additional copies of the reports:
    1. Type WRKWTR and press enter.
    2. Select option 8 (work with output queue) next to your system printer name.
    3. Select option 2 (change) next to File ReportX (X = the report you are selecting).
    4. On the screen entitled "Change Spooled File Attributes (CHGSPLFA)," enter the number of additional copies under the "Copies" parameter.
    5. Press enter.
    6. In the opt column, type 6 (Release) to print the additional report(s).


For Budget Allotment Revisions and Planning Allotments go to the Allotment System at with your NCID number and password. Questions call Sue Holly at 919.807.3675.


June 2015