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  • Overview of Funding Available through DPI - Chart
    (xls, 37kb)   UPDATED 5/31/11
  • Education Overview of Recovery Funding
    (pdf, 49kb)   POSTED 7/14/09
  • SFSF Application - LEA and Charter School Application for Initial Funding
    (doc, 47kb)


  • How the Funds were Distributed - spreadsheet of funds allotted; by LEA (School District) and Charter School
    (xls, 299kb)   UPDATED 3/17/11


  • How the Funds were Spent
    Accountability and Transparency are an integral part of the 2009 Recovery Act. The ARRA Reporting Application provides a comprehensive disclosure of the use of the ARRA funds expended by LEAs, Charter Schools and Education Centers. The ARRA Reporting Application breaks down the ARRA expenditures as follows:

    - by LEA/charter school or Education Center
    - by ARRA grant
    - by object.

    The ARRA Reporting Application is updated monthly and provides a download button to Excel.  As required by ARRA, this information is reported to the federal government on a quarterly basis.


  • Contracting with ARRA funds - see the website.
  • Contracting Checklist
    (pdf, 36kb)    UPDATED 5/4/11
  • PRC 140 - State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF)
    Personnel funded from SFSF PRC 140 are considered as if they are state funded personnel for the following purposes:
    • Unemployment compensation
    • Worker's compensation
    • Certified personnel count for principal salaries