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Travel Subsistence Rates (07/01/13)
(pdf, 50kb)

Change in IRS Mileage Rate (01/01/13)
(pdf, 37kb)

Sales Tax Refunds Processing
(pdf, 15kb)  UPDATED 05/25/12

Change in IRS Mileage Rate (01/01/10)
(pdf, 42kb)

Change in IRS Mileage Rate (07/01/08)
(pdf, 51kb)

Change in IRS Mileage Rate (01/01/08)
(pdf, 56kb)

Change in IRS Mileage Rate (01/01/07)
(pdf, 58kb)

Importance of Strong Internal Controls (05/06/05)
(pdf, 49kb)

Class Size Requirements for 2004-05 (07/26/04)
(pdf, 19kb )

Alternative 12 month Installment Plans (06/25/03)
(pdf, 25kb)

Federal & State Withholding Requirements on Supplemental Pay (01/16/02)
(pdf, 384kb)

Retirement Employer Matching Adjustment (10/23/01)
(pdf, 26kb)

Contracted Substitutes (10/22/01)
(pdf, 24kb)

Clarification of Guidelines for Payment of Health Insurance Coverage (09/01/99)
(pdf, 18kb)