Answers to Suggestion Box Questions:


Question - I am not clear on the differences between "IT" & "Workstation" requests and I think many of us are wondering why, when we have a computer/software/network problem, we simply can't call the "HELP DESK" and let them sort out who it's assigned to?

Answer - You are correct, you should (and can) contact the HELP DESK. If you have a problem of any kind, you first send an email request to (or call) the HELP DESK, where they will determine who will be in touch with you to help fix your problem. Second, wait for a ticket to be emailed to you with a reference number. Someone from the correct area will be in contact with you to help solve your problem.

  • IT - deals with setting up accounts, access rights to data, and server updates.
  • Workstation - deals with hardware, computers, printers, scanners, and installs software.


Question - Could you place on your site actual pay dates? This would help for household budgeting and electronic payment of debts.

Answer - Internal to DPI, see BEACON.


Question -

a: Can a school system decide to no longer allow teachers to be paid on a twelve-month basis and require them to take their salary on a ten-month basis?

b: Why can't teachers be paid bi-weekly instead of monthly if they are on direct deposit?

Answer -

a: A school system by law can not tell a teacher how they can receive their pay.

b: Pay schedules are set by the North Carolina State General Assembly.

a & b: See the NC State Chapter 115C. Elementary and Secondary Education subchapter general provisions article 1. Definitions and Preliminary Provisions.

§ 115C‑302.1.Salary

  • Each local board of education shall establish a set date on which monthly salary payments to State ‑allotted teachers shall be made. This set pay date may differ from the end of the month of service.
  • Subsequent pay dates shall be spaced no more than one month apart and shall include a full monthly payment.
  • Any individual teacher who is not employed in a year‑round school may be paid in 12 monthly installments if the teacher so requests on or before the first day of the school year. The request shall be filed in the local school administrative unit which employs the teacher. The payment of the annual salary in 12 installments instead of 10 shall not increase or decrease the teacher's annual salary nor in any other way alter the contract made between the teacher and the local school administrative unit. Teachers employed for a period of less than 10 months shall not receive their salaries in 12 installments.

For fiscal year 2008-2009 here is the link for the salary schedules:


Question - Parking Issues

Answer - At this time there are not enough spaces for all DPI employees. This problem is being looked into by DPI staff. How you receive a parking spot is determined by your hiring date, and is updated monthly. Not all spaces in the parking lots and decks are owned by DPI, so if you see empty spaces they may not be operated by DPI. You will be notified by email and phone when you receive a parking space. As of February 2009, DPI has 440 spaces and 95 people on a waiting list. Staff is reviewing the list of people who have a parking spots to see if they are home based or are not located in the downtown building, if so they will be removed from the list. Staff is doing this in hopes of having a more current workable list. Staff is also working on updating the parking policy per request of the Associate Superintendent.