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State Reports On The Quality Of Teacher Preparation

Title II of the Higher Education Act requires three annual reports on the quality of teacher preparation. Schools of education are to report to states the pass rates of their graduates on state certification assessments and other program data in April. States in turn are required to report to the U.S. Department of Education information on certification and licensure requirements, pass rates on state assessments disaggregated and ranked by institution, and other information in October. The Department is making the state reports readily accessible through the Web at

The required reports due in October of each year were submitted by all states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and outlying territories. These state reports include information on:

  • State certification and license requirements for completers of regular and alternate teacher preparation programs
  • Statewide pass rates on state assessments of graduates of teacher preparation programs, and quartile rankings of their institutions of higher education based on their pass rates
  • Number of teachers on waivers or emergency/temporary permits (allowed to teach without having an initial full certificate or license)
  • Information on teacher standards and their alignment with student standards
  • Criteria for identifying low-performing schools of education

Link to State Reports:

What's included in Title II

  • Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund, Grants to States
  • School Leadership
  • Advanced Certification/Credentialing
  • Early Childhood Educator Professional Development
  • Mathematics and Science Partnerships
  • Troops-to-Teachers
  • Transitions to Teaching
  • National Writing Project
  • Civic Education
  • Teaching of Traditional American History
  • Teacher Liability Protection
  • Enhancing Education Through Technology
  • Ready-to-Learn Television