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Global Educator Digital Badge (GEDB)

In September 2011, the North Carolina State Board of Education formed a Task Force on Global Education to assess the state's effort to produce globally competitive graduates ready to live, work and contribute in an interconnected world.  Based on its findings, the Task Force made a number of recommendations that would help to ensure that public school students are well prepared.

One opportunity coming out of the Global Education Task Force work was the creation of criteria and a process for teachers to earn a Global Educator Digital Badge. In September 2014, NCDPI staff presented to the Board a framework in which a candidate for the Global Educator Digital Badge would work with his or her principal to create a professional development plan focused on embedding global education in instruction. Candidates for the badge would be required to complete 100 hours or 10 CEUs of global educational professional development and meet a Capstone Project requirement within two years (including acceptance into Home Base as a statewide resource). Upon completion of the requirements, a digital badge would be issued to the teacher at the state level and the designation would be documented in the teacher's Home Base Educator's Professional Development Profile.

The State Board of Education approved the Global Educator Digital Badge for Teachers policy at the October 2, 2014, SBE meeting.

Meet The North Carolina Global Educator Digital Badge Completers

What is a Badge?
This short video will provide you with an overview of the digital badge concept.

FAQs regarding the GEDB process
(pdf, 349kb)

Flyer outlining the steps towards earning the Global Educator Digital Badge
(pdf, 1.1mb)

Global Educator Digital Badge Policy
On October 1, 2015 the State Board of Education approved the revisions to Global Educator Digital Badge for Teachers Criteria policy to expand the educator categories to include other teachers and administrators. The following two documents are the policy revision and the additional educator criteria.

GEDB Implementation Guide
(pdf, 3.3mb)

We are updating the process for Instructional Unit and Leadership Brief Capstone Project development and submission for review at the state level.Schoolnet will be the final repository for all of the Instructional Units as has been the practice in the past. However, we will not utilize Schoolnet for the development or submission for review process as of May 14, 2018. GEDB Candidates that have sent MOAs to NCDPI have been notified and the GEDB Online Management Forum has been updated. The GEDB Implementation Guide was updated with the changes on June 1, 2018.

Memorandum of Agreement Form
Form to be completed by candidate for GEDB, the supervising administrator and the district liason when plan or goals or strategies is completed. This form to be sent to NCDPI contact listed on the form.
(docx, 19kb)


April 2016 Webinars on Global Educator Digital Badge
Archived webinars, presentations and handouts available