Whereas, successful completion of high school is the right of every student; and

Whereas, the 21st century global economy will demand high skills and knowledge to succeed; and

Whereas, high school graduation prepares students for 21st century careers, post-secondary education, and life; and

Whereas, the future will relentlessly punish those without skills and education; and

Whereas, thirty percent of North Carolina public school students do not graduate from high school within five years of entering ninth grade; and

Whereas, lack of a high school diploma has severe and long-lasting personal and societal consequences; and

Whereas, high school graduation and other education attainment has positive effects on North Carolina’s social welfare, economy, and overall health; and

Whereas, local public schools and families need support from each other and from the business community, the faith community, and government agencies to help young people stay in school and on track for high school graduation;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved:

That the North Carolina State Board of Education and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction are committed to supporting local schools' efforts as they develop strategies to meet the variety of needs. School districts are encouraged to set annual benchmarks to improve their graduation rate and join hands with their community to graduate all students.




June Atkinson, State Superintendent