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America's Promise Alliance
America's Promise Alliance is the largest multi-sector collaborative dedicated to the well-being of children and youth in the United States. A basic tenet for the organization's work is that if young people are going to have a chance at academic success and social and civic competence, they need five critical developmental resources, or "promises": caring adults, safe places, a healthy start, effective education and opportunities to help others.

Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University
The Center for Child and Family Policy is working to solve problems facing children in contemporary society by bringing together scholars from many disciplines with policy makers and practitioners to improve the lives of children and families. America's Promise Alliance has selected Duke University's Center for Child and Family Policy to evaluate the first phase of its new five-year nationwide effort to deliver developmental resources to 15 million young people.

The first phase focuses on improving high school graduation rates through a series of school dropout summits. The Alliance has planned 50 state-level and 50 community-level summits as the catalyst for implementing national strategies to keep youth in school.

As evaluator, the center will assess the scope and potential impact of the school dropout summits. In addition, the evaluation team will work collaboratively with the Alliance to finalize and plan for implementing its National Action Strategy.

Communities in Schools
Communities In Schools is the nation's largest stay-in school network, serving just over one million youth in 154 communities across the United States. CIS is providing the link between teachers and the community – by bringing caring adults into the schools and community sites to meet children's needs.

Message: Graduate! Briefing Paper
This briefing paper describes state and local initiatives designed to increase the North Carolina graduation rate and share some future directions and policy considerations.
(doc, 98kb)

National Dropout Prevention Center
The mission of the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network is to serve as a research center and resource network for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to reshape school and community environments to meet the needs of youth in at-risk situations so these students receive the quality education and services necessary to succeed academically and graduate from high school.


NCDPI Student Support Services

NCDPI Dropout Prevention and Intervention Services

NC New Schools
The NC New Schools/Breakthrough Learning helps transform classrooms in student-centered, personalized learning environments that align with the knowledge, skills and abilities required for success in jobs and higher education.

Raise the Graduation Rate - A Call to Action!
State Superintendent June Atkinson identifies ten imperatives for all school districts as they work to improve their graduation rate.
(pdf, 334kb)

Southern Regional Education Board
Founded in 1948, the Southern Regional Education Board is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works with leaders and policy-makers in 16 member states to improve pre-K through postsecondary education. Through many nationally recognized programs and services, SREB's mission is helping states achieve the Challenge to Lead 2020 Goals for Education .