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North Carolina Graduation Results Web Site
The North Carolina Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate reflects the percentage of ninth graders (their cohort) who graduated from high school four years later. Data on the North Carolina Graduation Results Web site illustrate the 2011-12 Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate broken down by student group. This site features tables, charts and graphs illustrating disaggregated comparisons of the 2011-12 Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate at the state and school district level.

NC Cohort Graduation Rates from
2005-06 to 2011-12

Search standard tables (without charts and graphs) reflecting four-year cohort graduation rates by year, school district, high school or charter school. Scroll down to "Cohort Graduation Rate."

Calculating the Cohort Graduation Rate
A brief description of how the NC Department of Public Instruction calculates four and five-year cohort graduation rates.
(pdf, 50kb)