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Graduation Project Implementation Guide Getting An Update

Under the leadership of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, a team of educators is working  to revise the August, 2007 version of the North Carolina Graduation Project Implementation Guide based upon lessons learned over the last three years.  This web-based system of resources, systems, and processes is designed with the school and the LEA in mind, enabling both those LEAs who require all schools to implement the Graduation Project and those schools who choose to implement the Graduation Project to find helpful guidance and support gathered from practices across the state.  We hope you find these resources useful.

We look forward to providing technical assistance and support to all those who wish to provide our students with this incredible opportunity.  If you have a comment or need additional information or connections, please contact Elissa Brown

This portion of the site houses the best in class forms, writable templates and related resources (e.g. school-based handbooks) schools and LEAs might use to start a Graduation Project initiative or to improve an existing initiative.

These sample resources may be used and/or modified to help guide the progress and process of the NC Graduation Project.


  • Overview of the North Carolina Graduation Project Implementation Guide Presentation (former)
    (ppt, 296kb)