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Charlotte / Mecklenburg (CMS)

  • CMS Grad Quarterly Newsletter
    Keeping Staff Informed About the NCGP:Many schools and systems are staying proactive when it comes to keeping staff informed about the NC Graduation Project. The following Grad Quarterly was developed for NCGP Coordinators by Charlotte/Mecklenburg Schools to do just that. Check it out! The quarterly may give you some ideas as to how to provide information about the NCGP for your own stakeholders. Special thanks go to Tisha Greene at CMS for sharing their work.
    (doc, 1.2mb)


  • Craven GP District Manual
    This manual builds upon the state-developed NCGP rubrics and descriptors offered below, customizing those elements to the Craven County implementation.
    (doc, 201kb)


  • Clayton HS 11th grade GP Handbook
    (pdf, 509kb)

  • Clayton HS 12.13.10 presentation chart
    (pdf, 124kb)

  • Clayton HS 12th grade GP Handbook.pdf
    (pdf, 558kb)

  • Clayton HS student training materials and reminders for Boards Night
    (pdf, 783kb)

Onslow County