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Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector

Survivor Morris Glass of Raleigh travels across the state to relate his Holocaust experience to students, military personnel, and many others.

  • North Carolina survivors and speakers. Upon request, the Council will provide names of Holocaust survivors and experts who present talks to classes and other groups in North Carolina. E-mail the Council Chairman, Michael Abramson, for speaker information.

  • Online testimonies. Visit Survivor Testimonies from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum for oral histories, diaries, and other resources from Holocaust survivors and liberators. North Carolina testimonies include survivors Agnes Grossman, Barbara Rodbell (pdf, 242kb), and Leah Starkman (pdf, 49kb), and liberator Robert Patton.

  • The Holocaust Speakers Bureau is a non-profit organization based in the Triangle whose mission is to assist educators and organizations with the challenging topics of the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights. The Bureau works with teachers to develop age-appropriate presentations for students in middle school, high school and college. Holocaust survivors and their descendants visit schools, civic groups, houses of worship, libraries, and museums. Visit the Holocaust Speakers Bureau website for more information on arranging for a speaker, upcoming events, and other resources. Listen to an interview with three North Carolina survivors about the mission of the Speakers Bureau (The State of Things, WUNC-FM, 2014).

GUIDELINES for Hosting Second-Generation Holocaust Survivors (pdf, 273kb)

As time marches on, there are fewer eyewitnesses to bear witness to the Holocaust. Therefore, many speakers now available are second- or third-generation descendants of survivors. They have pledged to convey, to the best of their abilities, their parents’ or grandparents’ experiences as well as the impact of being a descendant of survivors. These guidelines are offered to teachers and others hosting a descendant of a Holocaust survivor.

View these news reports on Holocaust survivors' presentations to North Carolina students:

Photograph printed by permission of The Daily Reflector (Greenville, NC); photographer, Aileen Devlin.