Tambuco Percussion
Among the finest percussion quartets today, the musicians of the three-time Grammy-nominated ensemble refuse to be tied down to one style, with a repertoire ranging from structuralist percussion music to a wide range of ethnic drum music and avante garde sound interpretation.

Elements, Compounds, and Pigments
Essential Question: How did advances in technology during the Industrial Revolution affect the development of the new pigments used by painters? Abstract: Students will understand how the discovery of new elements (such as cobalt, cadmium, and chromium) in the 1700s and early 1800s led to the creation of new artistic materials, which led to the innovations in artistic style made by impressionist painters in the late 1800s.

A Folktale Play
Listening to folktales from around the world can enrich children's understanding of many cultures. Decide on a story with your children, and work with them to turn it into a play. Students will adapt a folktale into written dialogue.