The Body-Mind Connection of Stress
In this activity, students will fill out their own "physical reactions to stress" inventory and graph the class results. Then they will work in pairs to learn more about the body mechanisms that cause physiological stress symptoms, such as a fast heartbeat, cold hands, and dry mouth, or even longer-lasting symptoms such as a headache and sleeplessness. Finally, students will discuss their own reactions to stress and understand that many physiological stress reactions are part of the body's normal functioning. Students will also look at ways of dealing with stress.

Crawford Washes His Hands
This video emphasizes the importance of hand washing. After gardening, Crawford the Cat sits down to lunch only to discover he has forgotten to wash his very dirty hands. He makes a quick trip to the bathroom and demonstrates a good and fun way to wash hands.

Island Basketball
In this activity, the class will be divided into two teams: the "Sharks," who play defense and the "Swimmers," who play offense. The "Swimmers" attempt to cross the ocean and avoid the "Sharks."