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Will central office staff, superintendent or support staff evaluations be in Home Base?
Not at this time. The system includes teacher and principal/assistant principal evaluations. LEAs/charters may choose to work with the vendor to expand the functionality to include building evaluation processes for central office staff and superintendents. An LEA choosing to add functionality will incur additional costs and will work directly with the vendor.

Will Support Staff Evaluations be put in the new system?
Yes, instructional support staff roles that share the same observation requirements as the teacher process will also be in the online evaluation tool. Currently the following instructional support staff rubrics are in the tool

  • Instructional Technology Facilitator
  • Library Media Coordinator
  • School Counselor
  • School Psychologist
  • School Social Worker

The following rubrics will be added for the 2016-17 school year

  • Career Development Coordinator
  • Teacher Leadership Specialist

What is the professional development component of Home Base?
The professional development component will allow educators to search for professional development content and opportunities, register for professional development offerings, and take the professional development courses/classes.  In addition, the system will allow the educator to manage his/her learning by tracking his/her professional development activities including completions and proficiencies. Districts will be able to load resources shareable within and across districts.

Will the availability of Home Base do away with logins to NC Education?
Not immediately. NC Education includes many resources for assessment and professional development including discussion boards, etc. Many of the resources that are currently found in NC Education will be moved to Home Base. Timelines for this transition will be availableat a later date. As the timelines are developed, the State will determine which, if any, resources will remain in NC Education and for how long. Until all resources are moved to Home Base, logins for NC Education will continue to be used. For convenience, a direct link to NC Education will be placed on the HomeBase landing page.

Where does EVAAS fit into Home Base?
With regards to Educator Evaluation, SAS Education Value Added Assessment System (EVAAS) will still be used to calculate the sixth or eighth standard rating and will pass those ratings on to the Educator Evaluation component so that the standard 6/8 rating may be presented along with the teacher/administrator ratings for the other standards. EVAAS will continue to display the educator evaluation dashboards that provide educators access to their ratings on standards and progress toward an overall effectiveness status.

Who has rights to see a teacher’s self-assessment?
Only the teacher will have rights to see the self-assessment unless they choose to click ‘Share’ in the system. If they click ‘Share’ in the self-assessment step, then anyone the Principal has assigned rights to as an Evaluator or Mentor for that specific teacher will be able to view the self-assessment.

If a teacher updates their self-assessment, does each updated version get saved?
No, only the most current version is saved. Thus, if a teacher would like to compare their self-assessment ratings across multiple versions, they will need to print a copy each time before making changes.

When a teacher comes in after the school year has started, how do they get in the system?
Once the teacher is assigned a UID and assigned a location in PowerSource, they will be available in the NCEES system the next day (updated via a nightly import).

Where can I access training materials and manuals?
You can access all manuals and user guides within the Home Base Educator Evaluation System on the Help Guides tab.

Is there a way to open the principal screen and teacher screen on same computer if we need to walk some users through the process?
Yes, you can open a principal and teacher screen on the same computer; only you will need to log in using two separate browsers. Ex. Log into the teacher screen with Internet Explorer, log into the Principal screen with Firefox; log into the teacher with Google Chrome, log into the Principal with Internet Explorer.

Do district admins have the ability to assign the observer, peer observer, and mentor rights for principals?
Yes, district admins will have the ability to assign rights to any user in their district.

What do I do if I receive a SAML error message when trying to access the NC Educator Evaluation System?
First, clear the cache in your Internet browser settings. Then, close your browser session and attempt to log in again. If this does not work, then contact your Data Manager and HR Director and ask them to follow the procedures at the following link:
(pdf, 526kb)

What is the process to get questions answered?
Please refer to the Home Base Support Escalation Chart for guidance on how NCDPI can support you. Home Base Support Escalation Chart.
(pdf, 177kb)

What do we do about teachers who go out on leave?
There is nothing you need to do in the Evaluation System for teachers who will return to teaching during the school year. You can choose "No Evaluation" for teachers who do not return during that school year. If the above does not apply, please follow your local procedures for teachers on leave.

What do I do if I cannot access the observation rubric?
Please make sure the teacher has successfully marked "complete" and sent forward the Training/Orientation step in the system. This will allow the observation rubric to be accessible for Career Abbreviated evaluations. This will also allow the Pre-Conference step to take place for Career Full and Probationary evaluations.

How do we handle itinerant employees in the evaluation tool?
In the NC Educator Evaluation System online tool, the evaluation forms are connected to the teacher, and the evaluator and teacher work through the process together, alternately completing the various steps required by the workflow. In cases where a teacher serves at more than one school, an evaluator at each school has the ability to work with the teacher through the evaluation process. For these itinerant teachers, the evaluators need to establish local agreements as to who will be responsible for which steps of the teacher's annual evaluation process. The principal at the itinerant teacher's base school is responsible for completing the summary evaluation form at the end of the year.

Can I add/delete teachers who are not in my district in the NC Educator Evaluation System tool?
No. Data in the Educator Evaluation System comes from Payroll, UID Staff System and your local Human Resources Management System (HRMS). These are the authoritative source systems for the data that flows to the Educator Evaluation System. If you see inaccurate data in the Educator Evaluation System, please correct the data in the authoritative source system. For a complete mapping of all Educator Evaluation System data elements back to the source system, see pages 15-18 in the District Administrators Guide under the Help Guides tab in the Educator Evaluation System.

How do I delete names of teachers who are no longer in my district but are listed in my NC Educator Evaluation System?
Using your district's accepted protocol, contact your payroll department to ensure that the individual is inactivated in the payroll system, the UID Staff System, and the Human Resources Management System (HRMS).

What happens if we change a teacher's evaluation from Career Full to Career Abbreviated during the course of the year?
Although this is not recommended, if you change from Career Full to Career Abbreviated or vice versa, this starts the evaluation cycle again. The data does not transfer. However, if you choose to change plans, we recommend you make this decision prior to beginning the first observation.