Home Base includes certain tools that the NCDPI is requiring all school districts to use. Required tools are PowerSchool, the student information system that is replacing NC WISE, and the new tool from Truenorthlogic for educator evaluation. These tools will be provided free of charge to districts.

In addition to the required tools, Home Base includes many optional tools. The optional package includes Schoolnet instructional and assessment tools plus OpenClass, which is a basic and freely available Learning Management System (LMS) that offers tools for classroom collaboration. There's also a local PD tool available. Initial content for the core instructional improvement system includes:

NCDPI, LEA and licensed instructional content (e.g. instructional exercises, videos, lesson plans and unit plans) as well as Open Education Resources (OER) that have been vetted to ensure alignment to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. NCDPI, LEA and licensed assessment items to deliver benchmark and classroom assessments in Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies.


While there was an anticipated cost for the optional portions of Home Base for 2014-15, a negotiation with Pearson has resulted in great news: All schools and districts will have access to all portions of Home Base at no cost for 2014-15. In subsequent years two and three (2015-16 and 2016-17), we do anticipate that participating districts and charters will need to pay $4 per student for their entire ADM.