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This Data Resource Guide is designed for administrators, teachers and support staff who are responsible for using school data to make decisions. District and charter school teams are encouraged to use this guide to design and implement trainings in order to establish Data Teams with the goal of increased data literacy and student achievement. School administrators and teachers can use this guide to establish and sustain a Data Team to guide and analyze the decision-making process informed by school data. Where possible, schools should use existing teams and structures to accomplish the tasks of the Data Team (e.g. schools that already have a School Improvement Team could use this existing structure as a Data Team, as the goal for both structures is to improve instruction and learning within schools). This guide may be adapted to accommodate local professional development requirements and customized implementation models. Districts are invited to provide feedback on this Data Guide. NCDPI will update as needed and keep the document current on this website.

Data Guide
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Using the Data Guide
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