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Click name or area below to access the email for that area Risk Control Specialist and for a list of the LEAs and Community Colleges that are assigned to that Specialist.

Contacts for Risk Control Areas Glenwood "Glen" Tyndall Brian King F.C. "Rick" Surrett Jackson Byrd Larry A. Cockrell

Click below to access individual email addresses. Click on the name of a Risk Control Specialist above for a listing of the LEAs and community colleges they serve.

Ben Matthews, Ph.D.
Director, Division of Safe & Healthy Schools Support
919.807.3501 (phone)
919.807.3502 (fax)

Eileen B. Townsend, Section Chief
School Insurance Fund
919.807.3522 (phone)
919.810.8099 (cell)
919.807.3524 (fax)

G. Cecil Bell, Claims Manager
School Insurance Fund
919.807.3532 (phone)
919.621.3318 (cell)
919.807.3524 (fax)

Pam Smith, Accounting Specialist
School Insurance Fund
919.807.3523 (phone)
919.807.3524 (fax)

Latarsha Silver, Insurance Specialist
School Insurance Fund
919.807.3525 (phone)
919.807.3524 (fax)

Traci Waters, Project Assistant
School Insurance Fund
919.807.3521 (phone)
919.807.3524 (fax)

Larry A. Cockrell, Risk Control Specialist
School Insurance Fund
919.807.3531 (phone)
919.825.7660 (cell)
919.807.3524 (fax)

Glenwood "Glen" Tyndall, Risk Control Specialist
School Insurance Fund
919.807.3529 (phone)
252.671.4230 (cell)

Jackson Byrd, Risk Control Specialist
School Insurance Fund
919.807.3533 (phone)
910.890.7773 (cell)
919.807.3524 (fax)

F.C. "Rick" Surrett, Risk Control Specialist
School Insurance Fund
919.807.3535 (phone)
336.869.7725 (cell)
336.885.7232 (fax)