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Kids' Chance of North Carolina is a 501 (C) 3, nonprofit corporation which provides educational scholarships to the children of employees who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of a workers' compensation injury which is covered under the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act.

Kids' Chance will provide funds for these children to begin or continue their education at college or vocational school levels. This is to provide educational opportunities for those students which might otherwise have been postponed or interrupted as a result of the financial hardship caused by the death or serious injury of their parent.

Scholarships cover tuition, books and meals. The scholarship for an independent four-year college or university may be awarded for the amount of what an average state supported institution would cost. The amount provided can vary as costs change. The technical school student would be provided with the amount that coincides with current cost schedules for that institution. A scholarship is good for one year with the provision that the student must maintain an acceptable academic level each quarter/semester for it to continue. The applicant may reapply at the end of the school year for the scholarship for the following school term.

A few facts about KIDS' CHANCE of NORTH CAROLINA :

  • KIDS' CHANCE of NC, Inc., is newly formed in 2004!
  • The original KIDS' CHANCE, INC. was founded by the Workers' Compensation Section of the State Bar of Georgia.
  • Various members of the workers' comp. community who work together include: attorneys, insurers, employers, and medical and rehabilitation professionals, among others.
  • North Carolina joins 25+ States across the U.S.A. who have also formed Kids' Chance programs.

Our NC web site is under construction.
If you would like more information, please see:

It is our hope you will join in our efforts to support Kids' Chance as we work hard to help these very deserving young people as they work to improve their lives.



The mission of KIDS' CHANCE of North Carolina is to provide educational scholarships to the children of North Carolina workers who have been catastrophically or fatally injured in work-related accidents.


As each state funds its own programs, all funds raised in North Carolina are spent on North Carolina students. Scholarship funds come from donations by individuals, groups, organizations, foundations, and medical, legal and other professionals. Other funds originate from special activities organized by volunteers such as KIDS' CHANCE Silent Auction and Kids' Chance Annual Golf Tournament.

Number of Scholarship Awarded

Kids' Chance of North Carolina hopes to award its first scholarship in August of 2005. Hundreds of scholarships have been awarded nationwide.

Scholarship Provisions

Scholarship awards vary for high school, technical school and college depending on the needs and educational expenses of the student. Scholarships may cover tuition, books, housing, meals, transportation and/or supplement the income of the family to compensate for monies the student would earn by dropping out of school. Scholarships are awarded for one year provided the student maintains acceptable grades each term (six weeks/quarter/semester). Scholarships cannot exceed a set maximum per year (currently up to $3,000 in North Carolina ). Renewals are contingent upon the availability of funds.


Any student between the ages of 18-25 whose parent's on-the-job death or injury resulted in a substantial decline in family income is eligible. The applicant must meet adequate academic standards set by the selection committee.


Kids' Chance of North Carolina appreciates the recognition and support of the North Carolina Industrial Commission as well as the many individual donors who have and continue to contribute to the funding of the scholarship program.

Other Kids' Chance Programs

KIDS' CHANCE, Inc. was originally established in 1988 by the Workers' Compensation Section of the Georgia Bar. Kids' Chance currently is represented by more than 26 states, and has been recognized for outstanding service by Georgia Governor Roy E. Barnes and both Houses of the Georgia Legislature, been featured in an article on the front page of "The Wall Street Journal," written up in other publications throughout Georgia and the United States. It has been featured on local and statewide television stations in Georgia and has been videotaped for broadcasting in a 15-minute segment on an ABC "Peter Jennings Special" on national television. The American Bar Association has endorsed the concept of establishing organizations like KIDS' CHANCE to receive donations and establish college scholarships for the benefit of the children of Workers Compensation claimants.

The first National KIDS' CHANCE Conference was held in St. Louis in April 2002 and a national federation of KIDS' CHANCE programs is now in place.

How to contact Kids' Chance of NC

Martha Dealy, President Kids' Chance of NC
Mailing Address: PO Box 470426
Charlotte, North Carolina 28247-0426
704.264.9111 (phone)